Florence: Beauty on the Arno

Florence nestled on the Arno river

Florence, Italy is a magical destination nestled along side the Arno river. Known for it's rich history in the arts, as it's the birthplace of the Renaissance, you can … [Read more]

Photographing the Vatican

Vatican Staircase

I just returned from Italy and I’m slowly coming out of my food induced coma with a bit of jet lag mixed in for good measure. :)  The trip was fantastic; we had great … [Read more]

New Travel and Street Photography Book

Travel and Street Photography Book

My love of street photography and passion for travel have finally come together with my latest book, "Travel & Street Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots." All … [Read more]

Signature Series Silver Efex Pro 2 Presets

Silver Efex  black and white presets

I'm really pleased to announce the release of my Signature Series Silver Efex Pro presets. Last year I created and shared with you my Signature Series Black and White … [Read more]

6 Tips for Improving Your Street Photography

The wildlife of London

Work with less If there’s one thing that will really help with improving your street photography it is learning to work with less. I love gear and gadgets but when it … [Read more]

The Visceral Side of Street Photography

The absurd

There’s something very voyeuristic about street photography.  I rarely seek out what I  consider to be the darker or seedier side of the genre, but on occasion we do … [Read more]

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