Reflecting in Yellowstone

Reflecting in Yellowstone

I have great affection for the West which is renewed with every trip I make to Montana. Even after 20 years of visiting Montana, I’m still caught off guard by it’s … [Read more]

A Town, a Man, and a Dog: Cairo, IL

Donny and Shaky

Staci and I have made it our routine to spin through Cairo, IL for just a few clicks of the shutter on our way back from our New Orleans workshop. Located at the … [Read more]

New York City Redux

Exploring Travel and Street

Recently I've had a lot of new blog sign-ups, so I want to start of this blog by saying thank you for following! I hope you enjoy! Last week I had the pleasure of … [Read more]

B&H Photovideo Event Space Presentation

Italy 3

I’ve been a little derelict in my duties here on the blog. After putting so much energy into my books and eBook (5 in 3 years!) I was feeling like I needed a re-boot. … [Read more]

Spontaneity Breeds Creativity

Rural Indiana House

Sometimes spontaneity breeds creativity. We can all get stuck in the daily grind, finding ourselves uninspired, and needing a little kick to get our creative wheels … [Read more]

How To Back Up Lightroom Presets

backing up lightroom presets video

It only takes a few minutes to back up your Lightroom Presets, but it is a an essential process to avoid losing some of your favorite creative editing tools. You … [Read more]


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