Five tips to overcome your photographer’s block

A new pespective

Like writers, many photographers have creativity blocks, those moments when you struggle for inspiration and output suffers. I have struggled with my fair share of both … [Read more]

Film: The Great Equalizer

"Magritte"- Medium Format Kodak 100 Tmax

A few months ago I had an “ah-ha” moment when I was writing the post on Analog Efex Pro. I realized how silly it was that I was showing people how to add imperfections … [Read more]

Brussels, Ghent, and Bruges

notre dame, brussels

John and I are back from our Belgium Workshop where we saw Brussels, Ghent, and Bruges. After 2.5 weeks abroad, jet lag has taken it's sweet time wearing off, but we are … [Read more]

Florence in Monochrome

The Arrow, Florence

I thought I would share a few of my favorite monochrome images from Florence along with a bit of commentary about what attracted me to each image.Photography is a … [Read more]

Florence: Beauty on the Arno

Florence nestled on the Arno river

Florence, Italy is a magical destination nestled along side the Arno river. Known for it's rich history in the arts, as it's the birthplace of the Renaissance, you can … [Read more]

Photographing the Vatican

Vatican Staircase

I just returned from Italy and I’m slowly coming out of my food induced coma with a bit of jet lag mixed in for good measure. :)  The trip was fantastic; we had great … [Read more]

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