New York City Workshop Report

New York City Handball

The New York City Workshops were a blast with two fun groups of very talented photographers. We had participants join us from the United Kingdom, Canada, both coasts of … [Read more]

My book is off to the printer!

Reviewing cover proofs from the printer

I’m happy to announce that my book on Travel and Street Photography is finally complete and the last chapter is off to the printer. The eBook will be available in the … [Read more]

Do you feel like everyone else is getting the shots you want?

Boy taking photograph

Do you think your art is trash?   Maybe your travel destinations aren't as enchanting as you imagined? Does it seem like everyone else is … [Read more]

Creatively Applying Auto Adjustments in Lightroom

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Lightroom Selective Auto Adjustments | John Batdorff Photography

Today's Lightroom video tutorial covers a few quick tips and tricks for creatively applying auto adjustments in Lightroom. The basic panel offers you many quick options … [Read more]

Five tips to overcome your photographer’s block

A new pespective

Like writers, many photographers have creativity blocks, those moments when you struggle for inspiration and output suffers. I have struggled with my fair share of both … [Read more]

Film: The Great Equalizer

"Magritte"- Medium Format Kodak 100 Tmax

A few months ago I had an “ah-ha” moment when I was writing the post on Analog Efex Pro. I realized how silly it was that I was showing people how to add imperfections … [Read more]

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