New York City Redux

Exploring Travel and Street

Recently I've had a lot of new blog sign-ups, so I want to start of this blog by saying thank you for following! I hope you enjoy! Last week I had the pleasure of … [Read more]

B&H Photovideo Event Space Presentation

Italy 3

I’ve been a little derelict in my duties here on the blog. After putting so much energy into my books and eBook (5 in 3 years!) I was feeling like I needed a re-boot. … [Read more]

Spontaneity Breeds Creativity

Rural Indiana House

Sometimes spontaneity breeds creativity. We can all get stuck in the daily grind, finding ourselves uninspired, and needing a little kick to get our creative wheels … [Read more]

How To Back Up Lightroom Presets

backing up lightroom presets video

It only takes a few minutes to back up your Lightroom Presets, but it is a an essential process to avoid losing some of your favorite creative editing tools. You … [Read more]

Lightroom 5 Clarity Slider Tutorial

adobe lightroom clarity slider video

One of my favorite Adobe Lightroom  tools is the Clarity slider, so I put together a video tutorial on how I use it in my post-processing workflow. Feel free to drop me a … [Read more]

Death Valley 2014

Death Valley 2014 team

We returned last week from our Death Valley 2014 workshop, and although we’re still getting the sand out of our shoes, it was worth it. Our fun loving and talented group … [Read more]


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