Ten Photo Challenges for 2014

Looking for a photo challenge for 2014? Here are our Top Ten photo challenges. Whether you got a new camera for Christmas, want to get your kid involved, or just want a personal challenge, here are some of our favorites.

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First up, the Oldies but Goodies:

The Alphabet Photo Challenge, also known as the A-Z challenge
For this one you take a photo of all of the letters of the alphabet, but the catch is you want to be as creative as possible. The idea is to train your eye to look for letters in every-day objects or scenes, and also challenges viewers to see the same. Move on to numbers once you’ve finished all the letters.

The Color Photo Challenge
Grab yourself a box of Crayolas, any size or variation of your choosing, pick one crayon per week and take a photo that highlights that color. Imagine blizzard blue, thistle pink, peridot, raw umber, and shadow. Are your creative juices flowing yet?

The Point of View Photo Challenge
Use only one lens for one month. Grab your 50mm, and that’s all you get for the month. Next up, 16mm. Get out of your comfort range and learn to compose in a new way with this one. If you only have zoom lenses, then stick to one focal length. Tough, but in a good way!

Contest Photo Challenge
Choose several contests to enter, and then get out there and get photos for them. Viewbug is a great place to find photo contests because most of them are free, and John is judging two of them himself, the Urban Photographer contest and the Against Gravity contest. He’d love to see your photos there. One more reason? Batdorff Photography will be holding its Black and White Photography Contest soon, so get out and get a Black and White photo ready for that! The prizes will be awesome!

The Simple, Photo-a-Day challenge
This one’s easy. Just take one photo a day, and share your best ones! Best spots to share? Flickr, Facebook, or Google+.

Some Ideas from Pinterest

Monthly photography challenges
John’s daughter, Anna, has been doing the December Challenge on Instragram. You can find one photo challenge for each month on Pinterest if you search it, or click the link above for ideas. She has taken photos of her favorite color, her pets, handwriting, etc. That one is geared towards kids, but heck, who cares? Most of them give you one-two word phrases, and it’s your job to get creative and capture it, then of course share!

For the Google+ Crowd

You can find and follow Photography Scavenger Hunts communities. Join a group, and the facilitator will put out the challenge, and you upload your entries. There are all kinds of themes and challenges to keep you going, plus you can get feedback from your fellow scavengers.

Make Your Own Photo Challenge

Someone is making these up, so why not you? Grab a pen and paper, and write down 20-30 of your favorite adjectives. Or have all of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, or Google+ friends give you their favorite words or ideas, and then make a list from there. Be sure to share your results with them.

Street Photography Challenge

This is John’s favorite. To help overcome your fear of street photography, take a photo of one stranger per week for the entire year. This will help you get used to asking strangers for permission and you’ll learn to avoid having regrets over missed opportunities. To read more about Street Photography you can check out John’s ebook on Street Photography: A Guide to Finding and Capturing Authentic Portraits and Streetscapes

Ditch the Digital: The Old School Photo Challenge

This is John’s most recent endeavor. Everyone knows he loves his rapid fire digital camera, and Lightroom is his sustenance, but there is something about having only  12 exposures and the feel of winding film that really motivates you. John has recently begun shooting with his mom’s old Rollei, as well as a vintage Hasselblad with a polaroid back. There is just something about using a light meter, feeling the prints, and ripping off the polaroid backing to see what you got that will definitely keep you motivated.

Tell us, how will you challenge yourself and your photography in the new year?

Street Photography:A Guide to Finding and Capturing Authentic Portraits and Streetscapes By John Batdorff


  1. I have to add my two cents here (it’s what I do!) For the Google+ crowd. The Scavenger hunt that started it all is this one: https://plus.google.com/u/0/103211003560717503058/posts
    It has grown into an amazing community of photographers who learn from each other. The sign ups for the next round are this Friday at noon Mountain Standard Time.

    I have been involved in every single one from day one. It is a blast, you push yourself to try new things, learn new things and I can’t recommend it enough!!

  2. Laurie, we were hoping you’d chime in! You definitely know a lot about the scavenger hunts, so thanks for the info! They look like a blast!

  3. hhhhmmmmm First of all nice post I read it full and now I am excited to these all challenges and specially for Make Your Own Photo Challenge I would love to see these challenges!!

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