Those Other Moments

Do you ever wonder what drew you to photograph a particular image? I’m not a big believer in taking photographs only for the sake of my “portfolio.” Instead, I find myself cataloging moments that make me pause, take note, evaluate, or often just scratch my head.


Moments that make me pull over:

Ennis Mortuary



…that make me shake my head:

Overflowing garbage, moments that make me shake my head

Wasteful Symmetry


…when I think I’m clever :):

Reflections in the tub, moments when I think I'm clever


…that remind me why  I only have two pairs of shoes:

Camper Shoe's self portrait

Just for kicks :)

…that are missing something, such as the wind:

Ennis Flag Pole

Where’s the wind?

…when nature inspires me:

Ice Trees formed by the lake

Ice Trees

…when people inspire me:

East Harlem Street Art

East Harlem Street Art

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge at Sunrise

But mostly there moments when I’m just thankful to be able to share my images with others.


Travel and Street Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots


  1. Deborah Flowers says:

    Great moments John.
    Love the Ice Trees.

  2. Really nice “moments” photos. :)
    I also enjoy taking photos and strike anytime I feel like I could get a good photo. It could be any theme and at any time.