Will Google+ Kill Facebook?

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It’s official, I’m on Google+. I’m still feeling my way around the site, but I can tell you I’m really enjoying what I’m seeing. I definitely like the interface and the interaction with fellow photographers, but what I love most is the simplicity of the Circles. Google+ is an asymmetrical follow similar to Twitter, which means you can add people to Circles and follow their streams. For instance, I created a circle labeled “Photographers” and I simply put fellow photographers that I have interest in following into that circle. The people I’m following are notified that I added them to a circle and then it’s up to them if they wish to follow me back. The super cool part about circles is it allows me to control the feeds much like how I use Hootsuite to control my Twitter Feeds. I have feeds set up for bloggers, family, my top ten photographers, etc. You can do the exact same with circles and control which feeds you listen to and interact with.

Here’s a quick video that will help you get a feel for Circles:

Google+ is the first social media product I’ve seen in a while that has some real potential. Google’s Buzz was a dud and MySpace is dead space, but Google+ has some real traction. I’m not sure if Google+ is a Facebook killer, but I will say this: it seems to have taken out of the equation the negative aspect of having to “friend or not friend” someone.

Google has done an excellent job of overtaking the smart phone business with it’s Android operating system and leveraging their Gmail user base. I know several corporations that have already switched to Gmail’s business platform in lieu of costly Microsoft Outlook server upgrades. I think it would be a safe assumption that Google will succeed in fiercely integrating Google+ into the Android system. There has even been some speculation in the blogosphere that in time Facebook will become fragmented, leaving behind two extremes: young people and retirees. But, I think it would take a mountain of dissatisfaction for Facebook users to quickly make that switch, and any sort of social networking demographic drain would take time. Regardless, I see myself on both Facebook and Google+ in the near future until the social networking wars present a true winner or identifiable user base. My plan continues to be searching out the best ways to interact with my three F’s: Friends, Family and Followers.

Google+ is still in beta, but I think it has a ton of real potential, so I would like to hear other people’s thoughts. I have 150 invites I can share with people interested in joining, so if you don’t belong and you’re interested in joining then just drop me a note asking for an invite and I’ll send you one. But once they’re gone…they’re gone!

Have fun Circling and let me know what you think!

If you start your own circle, like this video suggests, feel free to add me. 😉

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  1. Great read John and I love the videos especially the circle of trust. Some really great info to hang on to. Thanks for sharing very helpful info.

  2. I was interested in Google+ until someone shared an article from The Washington Post about the part of the TOS/Privacy policy that says all posts become property of Google – including photos – for them to do what they want with them, including re-distribution. Now I’m kind of hesitant. I don’t make any money from my photos [yet], but I don’t like the thought of someone else claiming them like that.

  3. Nice write up John, like you I’m not convinced about it killing facebook it certainly is more geared towards photography than fb.

    I’ve put you in my inspirations circle.

  4. Cool post. I can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about. I have been patiently waiting (at least a month…) for google to let me in. If you still have any invites, I would love one 😉

  5. I think I would like google+ I like the layout… Send me a invite you were talking about…

  6. Google+ hasn’t taken off the way I was hoping. I will give it time, but I think too many people are afraid or too uncomfortable to leave Facebook.

  7. Abi and others that are worried about Google’s TOS…

    The original fear of Google’s policies were found to be wrong. Here’s a good place to start your research about it: http://www.petapixel.com/2011/07/12/fud-over-googles-terms-of-service/

    Hope this helps. I’m loving Google+ and am finding many of the great photographers on there sharing lots of helpful info.

  8. I’m not sure whether Google+ will end up being as big as Facebook, but I’m gonna give it a go just in case… It took me months to get over MySpace and I don’t want to go through that again haha!

  9. I took a look around Google+, and I think there is some real potential for it to evolve! I find that facebook has become stagnant…. what used to be fun like posting status’s are now tedious as nothing has really changed since it’s beginning. Google + will hopefully bring about a little change and new ideas into the idea of social networking. The circles are a great idea, and I would love to try using Google+….. but I need more friends to join before I dedicate too much time.

    Lastly, if John runs out of invites, PM me and I can invite you too!